Sunday, December 6, 2009

The meeting results

Whelp, just returned from the meeting with Jilly's dad. The news isn't so bad for ME, but its not so good for Jilly.

A little background info...The ex, came from the country Norway, to be with me back in 1999. He left his family, friends, job, everything to be with me. We married right away, had Jilly...seperated after Jilly was about a year old. Once we divorced, he met someone else, and they have since had a child together, and got married.

Ok, back to now. The ex is so in the hole financially that he can't get out of it. He owns 2 homes and can't sell either, he can't get refinancing or any other help. So, he has decided to move back to Norway to live with his family, get a job, and climb out of the hole he is in. He is moving there in Jan. with his son. His wife is staying here in IL until June, then she and her kids (except for 1) will move out there as well. So, Jilly's father will no longer be around for her come Jan.. I'm very sad for Jilly. I don't think she quite gets it yet...but she will once he is gone.

Until June, the ex wants Jilly to continue to go to his home to be with his wife & step kids to remain a part of their lives as much as possible. He will have her give me my child support check every other week until June. At that point, somehow he is going to have child support deposited into my bank account monthly.

As far as visits from her dad or her to him...He said he would get here to visit her whenever possible, and he'd like her to visit there too, but we agree she is to young to travel the 14 hr plane trip alone.

Technically, he isn't supposed to move more then an hour away from Jilly, its in our divorce decree. I could raise a stink about that, but I won't. I know its killing him having to leave Jilly, and if he could find other ways to avoid it he would.

Please keep Jilly in your thoughts and prayers. She is going to miss her daddy and her little brother too.



Mind Of Mindi said...

Oh god! That makes me feel AWFUL for her!! I will be praying for her (even though I don't pray as much as I should...that tells you how much this really makes me want to pray!)

Renee said...

Thank you, I'm sure she'll appreciate it

Danielle said...

Ok I never saw this post. Does he plan on moving back to the states when he gets financially stable again?

Renee said...

Nope, he's staying there :(