Monday, December 14, 2009

Idiot drivers

Today, it was super foggy out. As I'm going down the long road to walmarthell, I'm cautiously going the speed limit. Then, I look in my rear view mirror, to see Mario, speed up behind me. Then, he eases over to the center to see if he can pass...well, the idiot did pass, but he almost ran right into an oncoming truck. He was in such a damn hurry that he had to pass me in the horrible fog, and didn't see the truck coming. Thankfully, I did, and immediately slowed down to let him get in front of me. He's lucky. Stupid dink. Why risk your life, and every one elses on the road doing stupid risks like that when the weather is nasty? Stupid dink. I must be a horrible person, because I wished I'd see him in a ditch down the road, so I could say "told ya so, stupid dink". I don't want him hurt or anything, I just want the crap scared out of him, make him pee himself a little in fright. Idiot drivers.

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