Monday, December 7, 2009

Give me a switch please

At 4:10 this morning, Bree woke up crying. We went and cuddled & rocked for a bit and she was back to sleep shortly after. Then of course the dog wanted to go out. So once I got back into bed, I laid there, tossing and turning thinking about stuff. Thinking about the beautiful snow I saw outside when I was up with Bree, thinking about my birthday that is in a few more days, and mostly, thinking about Jilly and how things are going to be for her come Jan. when her dad goes to Norway. I feel so bad for her. I wish I had a switch that I could flick on or off my thoughts when I want to try to relax and sleep. Why didn't God think of this when he made us?

Today has been busy, I rolled out, cut and baked all the cookies I mixed up yesterday. Then later this evening I iced some of them. I tried royal icing for the first time. I think they look nice. I still obviously have a lot to learn about using it, but it was fun.

As I mentioned above, we got some snow overnight. Bree & I were so excited to see it. Bill...not so much. Once we dropped Kels & Jilly off at school, Bree got bundled up and we went out to play for a bit. She really enjoyed it.

I'm going to overload you all on pics tonight, because I can. Enjoy, and toodles.


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