Sunday, December 13, 2009

Party time

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. It was a busy day of Christmas parties, and by the time we got home, and Bree finally went to bed at 11:30 I was to tired to even type a word.

The morning was spent at the kids Christmas party, put on by Bill's employer. They had different crafts set up for the kids to do, and then Santa came by to give the kids little gifts. The crafts were to much for Bree, she didn't have the attention span to sit there doing them, but she tried a bit. She was all talk of sitting with Santa before the party, once we got there, she changed her mind quite quickly. She allowed Bill to hold her near Santa, but that was about it. Here are a few pictures.

Later in the evening my mother in law came over to babysit the girls, so Bill & I could go to his work adult Christmas party. It was nice to get out just he & I, I don't think we had been out alone together since last years party.

Upon returning home, Bree ordered me to sit with her and cuddle. Which I did until she finally fell asleep at 11:30! She told me when I got home, "Mommy, I MISSSSED you!" so sweet. :)

Today, I've been busy trying to figure out what the hell to do for Aubrey's birthday cake. I had an idea, but then it got squashed because things weren't going to work the way I had envisioned, so it was plan B....which also had its issues. I think they are all worked out now, so later , like Friday, I'll have everything under control and organized to make her cake. I hope.

I'm debating on running out to Walmarthell right now. I need a few things, need to return the DS we got Jilly for Christmas, and exchange it for games too. (She had a DS at her dads, that she had to keep there, but now that he is moving to Norway, she gets to bring it home...we had gotten her one for Christmas, but she sure doesn't need 2! So we'll exchange the one, for some games). I'd like to go and get it done. Not sure I feel like putting on presentable clothing and actually going out and driving there, and dealing with weekend shoppers...hmmm what to do what to do...

Thats it for now...toodles.

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