Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yay finally we have power again!

We were hit with a lovely ice storm, which knocked down tree limbs, and power throughout our town. Well, half the town was knocked out anyways, the half I live in unfortunately. We were without electricity for 12+hrs, and it sucked donkey schlong! It was hard sleeping, because I was worried about Aubrey getting cold or waking up scared, so I'm pretty sleepy today. By morning it was 60 in the house, and to me, thats freakin COLD! By 8 something, we decided to go to McD's for breakfast, then to my inlaws for a bit. Power was supposed to be on around 9:15 according to the ComEd recording. Thankfully, it did :) I came home to get a diaper and my phone charging cord and it was back on. The house was still pretty chilly, so we stayed at the inlaws for a bit longer.

Now the house is toasty again, I've gotten a shower YAY, and I got to check my email and stuff. Double Yay! Now, if only I can get Bree to nap, so I can too :) Although I'm not sure I want her to, she may stay awake late tonight if she does which means Santa (Or Panta as Bree says) has to come even later...This Panta is tired.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. Be safe everyone!


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