Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finally, rearranged.

Rearranged it and it feels so gooooooood! I finally got to fufill my rearranging needs. It was a lot of work, but now my living room is cleaned well, and different then it had been, which in turn makes me a very very happy camper. Change is GOOD.

Unfortunatly, Kelso's class ring was not found in my cleaning process. UGH! I sure hope it turns up. I'm totally stressing over it. Maybe in my other cleaning tomorrow I'll come across it. Cross your fingers.

Tomorrow I'll be doing more cleaning, in preperation for Aubrey's birthday party. Gotta have a clean house for company. Tomorrow night is Jilly's Christmas program for school. She plays a penguin. I hope its fun, and I hope Aubrey cooperates and sits quietly and watches so I can enjoy it too.

Whelp, sorry its short & boring, but I'm to tired and don't really have anything exciting to chat about, so I'm ending this one for now. G'night, sleep tight, and of course...toodles. I'm off to bed. :)

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