Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm FULL already!

My sweet little Bree is enjoying her toy kitchen that Gram got her for her birthday. She's had tea parties with daddy, she's played wash daddy's hair with the kitchen faucet thingy, she's cooked crackers, and donuts, and, she's made soup, for me, over and over, and over. Its either Dora soup (Dora shaped noodles) or Wormie soup (chicken noodle). She brings me her toy bowl, and a few spoons, and says, "Lunchtime mommy!" "Eat your soup!" So I do. Then, she brings me more, and more, and even more! After about 50 servings, I'm begging her no more. I politely tell her "no thanks, I'm full" but she doesn't get it LOL.

More later, Bree wants to cuddle...toodles

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